What is Contact USA?


The mission of CONTACT USA is to provide leadership and support to centers which provide community-based telephone and online emotional support for people in crisis.


The support CONTACT USA offers will enable centers to thrive and to provide professional, effective service.

Value Statement:

CONTACT USA is a network of crisis centers helping people to realize their potential, self-worth, and inner resources. CONTACT promotes unconditional regard for and acceptance of all people.

One factor remains constant in each center—from Connecticut to California: thousands of volunteers that commit their time and help to serve their community through work at a CONTACT center. An elderly woman with time on her hands; a young couple with social concerns; a single mother, father, brother, sister - it matters not. They are all volunteers with one common goal - to be a human voice that will listen, relate and share.

CUSA Centers are often the initial link in the human service chain. Many other health and social service organizations turn to us not only to handle their after-hours calls, but as their first step for clients entering their programs. Often, whether or not a person gets help can be determined by that first call to CONTACT.


Board of Directors

Mary Drexler, Executive Director
Molly McCoy Brack, Chair
Michael Reading, Vice Chair and Accreditation Coordinator
Dorothy Triplett, Secretary

Eleanor Letcher, Treasurer
Marshall Ellis, Member

Tim Jansen, Member

Brenda Patterson, Member
Gail Selander, Member